Jobs in Schools

In the heart of every school there is a diverse and dedicated team of individuals who work collectively to ensure the smooth operation and growth of our learning environments.

The Waltham Forest Opportunities Team are working directly with primary and secondary schools in the borough to help provide residents with more access to careers and training in this sector. In doing so, we can help shape the lives of children in Waltham Forest and its residents by assisting local schools in recruiting the support needed.

If you are interested in a career supporting the operations of our schools with administration, management, catering and caretaking, then our Education Academy is here to help you achieve your goal.

School Office Manager

School Office Managers oversee the daily administration of a school office and provide managerial support for the wider administrative staff. This includes leading on all non-education elements within schools, such as financial planning, process management, secretarial support, and acting as a liaison between teachers and parents.

Schools Administration

School Administrators provide administrative support for the office or admin department of a school. They cover a range of tasks, including operating IT systems, managing calls, maintaining records, and monitoring supplies. Administrative roles are also integral to relationships with parents, teachers, and students, so a strong element of customer service and relationship management is required.

Cleaning and Caretaking

Schools are in continued use throughout the year and require a great deal of support. Caretakers oversee the suitable performance of all services such as heating, lighting, and alarm systems while performing a range of basic repairs and reviewing building safety. Cleaners ensure that students can learn in a safe and clean environment, maintaining a high standard of cleanliness in both interior and exterior environments. This may also extend to gardening and supporting caretaking staff with building maintenance.


Food and nutrition play a key role in the school day, and catering assistants help provide balanced meals to children every lunchtime during the school year. They can also be involved in some food preparation and are responsible for a range of safety measures in the kitchen environment. Work time is often during school-friendly hours, and catering assistants are vigilant about the safety of children during this time.

To discuss how we can support you to finding work in any of the roles mentioned above please get in touch