Waltham Forest Spotlights:
Discover the strength of our collective potential.

The 'Spotlights' section is a celebration of triumphs, a collection of compelling narratives that showcase the remarkable journeys individuals have undertaken with our support. From career milestones to entrepreneurial ventures, each story is a testament to the impact of collaboration and empowerment. Join us in exploring the diverse and uplifting experiences of our community members, as we share insights, victories, and the invaluable lessons that come from overcoming challenges.

Spotlight on Mojisayo Robson
Creative Practitioner and Facilitator

Mojisayo is a 19 year old creative practitioner and soon to be producer/production manager! She writes poetry, directing music and films, (used to) act and is interested in experiencing as many different parts of the creative industry as possible.

Spotlight on Kieron Rennie
Creative Consultant and Performance Poet

Meet Kieron Rennie a young creative consultant and poet from Tottenham London. Kieron has led numerous creative workshops in schools and art institutions across London. He has performed in such places as Alexandra Palace, Barbican and has also been commissioned by the likes of the Queen's Gallery (Buckingham Palace) and the Barbican.

Spotlight on Mahnaz Carroll
Future Technician

Mahnaz had been searching for a course in Technical Theatre for a long time. She was finding it difficult to find a course that was reasonable in price and easy to get to in London.
Then she came across Future Formed.

Spotlight on Huda
Creative Artist

Welcome to an insightful conversation with Huda, an artist and creative mind, as she shares her experiences with Future Formed and the vibrant world of the creative sector. In this interview, conducted by Sakura, Huda discusses her artistic pursuits, involvement in community events, and the impact of organisations like Future Formed. Gain insights into her journey, the challenges she faced, and the enriching projects she's currently engaged in.

Spotlight on Jessica Draper
Head of Creative Engagement at Soho Theatre

Embark on an illuminating journey with Jessica Draper, Head of Creative Engagement at Soho Theatre. From her unconventional start in TV and radio, Jessica's career path has woven through diverse projects, including creative and artist development in homelessness and criminal justice settings. In an exclusive interview, she shares insights into her role at Soho Theatre, the challenges of shortlisting for the Labs programme, and the exciting Future Technician placements addressing a workforce shortage in the cultural sector.

Spotlight on Luke Hallgarden
Artistic Creative Director at Revel Puck

Delve into the captivating story of Revel Puck and their sensational circus production, 'The Wing Scuffle Spectacular,' which recently graced Waltham Forest. Having initially dazzled the borough during the London Borough of Culture in 2019, Revel Puck's return reflects their commitment to championing local artists and breaking down barriers in the circus world. In an exclusive interview, explore how Waltham Forest residents played a pivotal role in this transformative experience, enjoying hyper-local access and non-tiered pricing.

Spotlight on Nigel Twumasi
CEO of Mayamada

Discover the captivating journey of Nigel Twumasi, the visionary behind Mayamada, a dynamic manga company that emerged from his enduring passion for the art form. In this exclusive interview, Nigel recounts his transition from a successful software engineering career to founding Mayamada with a friend, driven by a desire for creative control and the pursuit of manga storytelling.